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United Nations - Plastic - both a wonderful invention and a scourge on our planet. Over 300 million tons will be produced this year. Most is never recycled and remains on our land and in our seas for ever. Our story shows the damage to all creatures who depend on the ocean for their food – from birds… to us.This is an adaptation from the original documentary “A Plastic Ocean” by the

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World's Best | Ferme du Bec Hellouin

Nous sommes ce que nous mangeons ! Voilà pourquoi proposer à nos clients des aliments sains, exempts de toute pollution, produits avec respect et – osons le dire, avec amour – est pour nous un acte essentiel, sacré. Nous oublions les choses les plus simples et les plus importantes : bien respirer, se nourrir correctement… Les fruits et légumes que nous produisons sont sources de vitamine

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World's Best | And that's a lovely way to live

With its uniquely rich diversity of heritage-based attractions, both built and natural, St Helena offers many things to see and lots to do from visiting the Georgian town to the rugged coastline, from the rolling hills to the stark yet striking geology at Sandy Bay. That's the thing about this destination here's so much more to the island than you may think.

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